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Meet the Team

These are the individuals behind the NCPA. They've been with us since the beginning each orchestrating crucial pieces that propelled this association to where it is today. At the bottom of the page is the NCPA's story...

Board of the NCPA

The board of the NCPA consists of ambassadors around the nation that volunteer their time in efforts to promote college pickleball to universities in their given region. Each of the individuals listed below play a key role in our goal at the NCPA to grow the game.


Rick Mansheim



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Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado

Our Story

Noah Suemnick founded the NCPA in January of 2023. After creating the pickleball club at Point Loma Nazarene University in 2021, he quickly saw a need for structure in colleges around the nation. What started with a few colleges in San Diego, California, quickly grew to over 50 universities nationwide that compete in NCPA events scattered across the nation.

At the NCPA, our main goal is to grow the beautiful game of pickleball throughout colleges around the nation. We want to bring people together. With hundreds of tournament organizers having popped up in recent years, pickleball needs structure because the game is hurting. Not only do we provide structure to the game especially in the collegiate world, but we take pride in how much we give back.


The NCPA runs Alumni Fundraisers all around the nation where we partner with a group of colleges in a given region, run a professionally sanctioned event open to everyone, and give a percentage of revenue generated from registration fees back to the colleges involved. Players are not only playing in high quality tournaments but they are also helping give back to support the future generation that will take pickleball to the next level.

Lastly and most importantly, God is at the center of the NCPA. The substantial growth that this company has seen since January is more than just hard work and perseverance. We have seen God move with our efforts and we would not be where we are today without His Hand involved in it all. That being said, we have proudly joined the A21 campaign in their efforts to end sex trafficking... 10% of all money the NCPA generates goes back to this incredible organization.

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