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The Road to Nationals 2025

Collegiate Tour Details

Winning Bids:

  • There are 64 total bids offered...

    • The top 10 teams from each regional who placed highest on average in all D1 events will win a bid... *see format below*

      • 4 NCPA wildcards will be awarded to the teams with the best overall record compared to those that did NOT receive a bid.

  • D2 is an open division for any university to compete. No bid rewarded.

  • It is possible for more multiple teams from the same university to each win a separate bid to Nationals.


University Rankings / Individual Player Rankings:

  • Universities will be ranked against hundreds of colleges across the nation and these rankings are not affected by any tournaments outside of NCPA's collegiate tour.

    • The average NCPA ranking for a university's top two men and top two women will determine a university's overall ranking... 

  • Each player will be ranked against thousands of collegiate athletes nationwide using our ELO rating system.


Nationals Championship Payout

  • D1 - $25,000 total payout.

  • D2 - $5,000 total payout.

  • ($30,000 total)

State Championship Payout

  • $5,000 each state.

  • ($25,000 total)

NCPA Format


~ Our tournament format is a hybrid of team format and individual format. We have found this is a far more exciting format to not only play but to watch as well ~ 


  • Universities compete in teams of four (2 men / 2 women) ​​​​

  • ​D1 and D2 Teams will compete in five total brackets each... 10 brackets total.

    • Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles, ​Men Singles, Women's Singles, and Mixed Doubles.​​​

  • D1 is a representation of the best players at your university. The level is 4.5+. Team-style format.

  • D2 is open and any college athlete can compete. Average level is 3.5-4.0. Open format.

    • Players compete individually in D2 and not in teams of four like in D1.

    • Colleges do not have to be D1/D2 to compete.




  • All brackets are pool play into single-elimination. (World Cup Style)

    • Pool Play Doubles - groups of 4 teams, one game to 11 win by 1, three games total.

    • Pool Play Singles & Mixed - groups of 4 teams, best 2/3 games to 11 win by 1, six to nine games total.
      • ALL TEAMS are seeded #1 through #4 into single elimination.

      • Teams play everyone in their pool.

    • Single Elimination - all games best 2/3, to 11 win by 1.

    • Minimum of 5 games per doubles bracket. Minimum of 8 games per singles bracket.


Visual Image:                                       (outdated)



  • Men's Doubles - Two men.

  • Women's Doubles - Two women.

  • Mixed Doubles - Two men and two women.

  • Men's Singles - Two men.

  • Women's Singles - Two women.

    • For singles, there are two players on each team competing. Players will alternate games. The first player on your team will play the first game against the opposing teams' first player. The second game will be played by the other players that have yet to play. If it goes to the third game, teams have the choice of sending either player to compete. Same concept with mixed.

  • All disputes are settled with a coin toss.

Visual Image: 




  • There will be separate men’s and women’s championship matches with their own payouts and trophies awarded.

    • Four games total to 11 win by 1 + one potential tiebreaker game.

    • Two Doubles Games - (Men’s or Women’s based on division)

    • Two Singles Games - both players each play one game (Men’s or Women’s based on division) 

    • Fifth Game (Tiebreaker) - The team with the least points conceded will decide whether the fifth and final game will be a doubles or singles game.

    • There will be NO MIXED DOUBLES championship as men and women are competing in separate championships.​

Visual Image: 

Eligibility Requirements 

  • Currently enrolled taking a minimum of six credit hours.​​​​​

  • Have not signed professionally for any pro tour.

    • Players that have played in pro tournament draws are still eligible to compete.​

  • Created an NCPA player profile. (2024-2025 Collegiate Tour)

    • Access to Individual NCPA Ranking​, Overall University Ranking, Collegiate Awards, and more.

    • Player profiles you can access at the bottom of the home page...

Additional Information: If you qualified for Nationals in one of the regional championships over the fall but graduate before Nationals takes place in the spring, you are still allowed to compete as you were eligible when you qualified.


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